What is Human Nature?

By: The FHE Team

The vast majority of this site deals with the potential of technology to affect future human beings. There is little doubt that major changes made possible through science and occurring now, are about to alter our future forever. Our technology is evolving, our social systems are evolving, and there is little doubt that our bodies and most probably our minds will soon follow suit.

But what does that mean? How can one possibly predict the impact of what is in many cases, as yet to be developed technologies ?Human Nature

The answer is that we cannot predict with absolute certainty any future event or change, period. And the farther out we try to predict the future the less accurate we become. But all is not lost. One way toward more accurately forecasting the future is to thoroughly know the past and the present (see futures studies methodologies for more). This same approach applies to the Future of Human Evolution. By understanding what it is to be human, from where we came, how we are built, and to attempt to define the human condition, we can then apply both real and theoretical advances in science and technology (after all, technology is nothing but the application of science!) to the conceptual models we build to extrapolate in non-linear fashion, possible outcomes of any number of factors.

This then is our charter for the human nature section of the site:

Build a conceptual model or two of the human psyche, and then experiment with a number of scenarios on how technologies might impact the basic human mind, brain, and condition.

We will also look at the potential legal, religious, and moral aspects of these applications, but the journey toward building a set of solid conceptual models of what it is to be human is a daunting one and must be tackled first. We hope you enjoy taking the trip with us.

Human Nature

At last, we can do it! Science & technology are approaching the flashpoint where they become indistinguishable from magic. The Philosopher’s Stone, the ability to transform matter & to alter the future, is in reach. The only great mystery remaining is how we’ll choose to wield our power.


Evolutionary Psychology

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