Welcome to the Future!

By: The FHE Team

For those of you new to the site you’ll find that we are unapologetically positive about what the future holds in store for everyone. It’s bright with almost unimaginable possibilities for us and our children. If we can share just a spark of our excitement and open your mind to some of the amazing potential science and technology is and soon will be enabling for our benefit, we’re a happy lot.

In this section we have four main areas to choose from: 1) Imaginative full-text essays featuring future scenarios by their original authors, 2) “reviews” or editorialized versions of future human evolution-related media, 3) facts about the scientific study of the future, and 4) a plethora of links-to other resources concerning the future of human evolution.


Inside the Future of Human Evolution

Future Visions

Let your imagination soar with us as we visit humans in the near and far futures, on earth and around distant stars. The universe will be our playground as we continue to advance our knowledge about the space and time around us. Full-text essays by their original authors.

Future Human Evolution Reviews

From the silly to the sublime, we’re finding no shortages of people willing to weigh in on what they think the future of human evolution may hold in store. We’ll boil down the essential elements of the more entertaining and thought-provoking media, both classic and modern.

Future Studies

Read about and learn the tools and techniques scientists use to examine future possibilities, and the methodology we use on this site to look at the past, examine what is happening today, and imagine what tomorrow will be like.

Future Human Evolution Resources

Let us share with you some of our favorite and interesting finds on future human evolution-related material our research has led us to. Are you a website owner, author, or producer and we haven’t got you listed? Visit our contact page. We’ll be happy to take a look at your material.

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