Transhuman, Post Human, and Human Plus (+)

By: The FHE Team


When an idea’s time has come, it has come. It is the confluence of all of mankind’s known history and knowledge of the many divergent paths of progress all around us. The more varied and independently the idea emerges across media, cultures, disciplines, and genres, the more it is representative of natural human progress. Tranhumanism, in its simplest form, is such an idea.

Transhuman & Post Human vs. Transhumanism and Human Plus

To forgo for a moment all of the various philosophies and riders and amendments that have been attached to the notion of a transhuman over the years and to spell it out in plain English, the most basic definition of a transhuman is a person who has used or is an advocate of using, technology to improve the human mind and body. In the history of its terminology the “trans” prefix refers to a supposed human body transitory growth and change period on the way to a predicted condition in which the human organism becomes so far advanced relative to the present day human in mental and physical capability, that it would be “post” human. One no longer needs to hold true the “goal” or idea of a post human existence in order to embrace the transhuman condition. Perpetual change and betterment may forever have us in a transitory state.

In the world of the internet “transhuman” appears to be most often associated with “transhumanism” which by typical meaning encompasses several schools of thought, some of which have associated organizations that promote a particular creed.  Human+ (or plus) is a relatively recent euphemism for transhumanism and the name of an international organization that promotes a particular variety of transhumanism.

To Join or not to Join

An important point here is that one does not have to be a member of an organization to possess transhuman ideals; that is, to simply believe that technology can and should be used to improve the human body and condition.  One need not have “learned” the notion of applying technology to make a better human from any transhuman organization, member, or publication. You may have observed the world and come to that conclusion independently even decades ago, been influenced by the plethora of visionary science fiction writers since the golden age, and/or have been encouraged by the tremendous scientific and technical progress of today. Whatever your path to enlightenment, please feel free to possess the belief that technology can improve us, without your needing to adopt, create, or carry any specific doctrine or philosophy.

Having made that point, here’s another equally important: certainly one may join a transhumanist organization as one would for any special interest: to congregate, socialize, and develop relations with others of similar interest or even passion, to partake of the many interesting thoughts and writings on transhuman ideals, and/or to contribute your own thoughts and opinions on message boards, blog comments, or other types of interaction.

The Interesting thing about Transhumanism

The transhumanist movement has attracted a lot of insightful philosophical thinking over the years which in turn has produced some interesting writing on the various aspects of the technologically advanced human organism.  Interesting scenarios, cogitation on social equality, influence on the Arts, and proposed principles for transhumanist’s living have all been put to pen. My interest in this literature was recently rekindled by a newly assembled collection of old and new transhuman essays, called The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology, and Philosophy of the Human Future. (Links to Amazon for purchase).

Inside this Transhuman Website Section

As I work my way through The Tranhumanist Reader collection as time allows, I thought it might be interesting for the reader here to benefit from the more enlightening or compelling ideas contained in the essays. In this section of the website, at least as initial and convenient fodder for the many perspectives of tranhumanist ideals, I’ll review (not reprint) and comment on select essays from that particular collection and provide a link like the one above in case you would like to purchase and read the collection in full.

The Future Human Evolution Website does not gain financially from providing reviews of any future-related literature/media, nor do the views expressed in such media necessarily reflect the views of its writers, editors, and publishers.

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