Nanotechnology and the Future of Human Evolution

By: The FHE Team

Nanotechnology is on our list of technologies to cover because of the fundamental way it can change the future of human evolution.  Many of these ”far out”  applications have been imagined for decades in the realm of science fiction. Star Trek’s “replicator” or food synthesizer is an excellent example of how nanotechnology can serve humans in biological form by providing sustenance from raw material in any number of earth and space-based scenarios, from molecules of any type reassembled at the atomic level. Another fiction-inspired but possibly achievable application is that of nanoreconstructors of biological tissue- healing even the most severe wounds and the effects of aging, imaginably promoting near or absolute immortality.

Before we get too far out for the seeker of knowledge in the here and now about exactly what nanotech is and how (or even whether) it’s actually useful, we offer our introductory series on nanotechnology based on the applications of today. In addition to that we have several other articles on helping you understand just how far we’ve come in the last few years and how far we may go in the future.

What is Nanotechnology?

An easy-to-read, 10-part, Earth-based, “here and now” introductory series.  Written by a prominent educator for people just like you and I.

The Promise of Nanomedicine and the Future of Human Evolution

Practical uses of nanotechnology now and how it will help the future human.

Understanding Nanotechnology Scales

Etymology to Elementary, Atom to Angstrom: Understanding nanoscales.

Nanotechnology Future Dangers and Human Defenses

Most of the theoretical dangers of widespread calamity are just that: Theoretical. At least for now. There’s a few practical precautions of which to be aware.

 Archived Introduction to Nanotechnology from 2005

At the time of its writing, this was the most thorough introduction on the web. Since duplicated, it remains a valuable read for those looking for the basics.

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