Nanomaterials on Earth and Beyond Series

By: The FHE Team

Introduction and Table of Contents

This article will discuss the current trends in nanotechnology materials science and how it is impacting life on earth through new safer, more eco-friendly nanomaterials and techniques, and how these advanced materials will reduce the barriers to space flight and space colonization enabling a new era of off-world economic growth and prosperity.

Nanotechnology, especially in the form of nanomaterials and nanoscale analysis (i.e. understanding and manipulating nanoscale properties of currently used materials) is revolutionizing the construction and composite industry today.  Nanotechnology’s impact in the construction industry is currently concentrated in the following sectors. Each bullet represents a page in this series.

  • Nanomaterials: Lighter and stronger structural composites
  • Nanotech Concrete: Better properties of cementitious materials
  • Nanotech Steel: Improved properties of steel
  • Nano Surface Coatings: Noise and thermal transfer reduction
  • Nano-sensors
  • Nano-Enhanced Energy Storage

Also in this Nanotechnology Series:

  • Bringing it all together: The Space Elevator
  • Conclusion & References

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The Author, Dr. Makaram has over 8 years of experience in the field of nanotechnology, material science and microelectronics. His expertise include nanomaterial processes and devices (specifically carbon nanotubes), micro and nanofabrication processes, thin films and reliability. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering/Materials Science from the NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing at Northeastern University , a Post Doctoral Research Associate from MIT and has (co) authored more than 10 scientific publications and holds a patent in carbon nanotube technology.


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