Introduction to Today’s Technology

By: The FHE Team

Usually, the future appears to us like the steady, enlightening progress of the sun as it gently peeks above the darkened horizon, bringing clarity and the promise of a new day.  Other, rarer times, it comes crashing in like the unrelenting, roaring and rolling sudden pounding of a thunderstorm or tsunami threatening to leave destruction and chaos in its wake.

However it presents itself, the future is born of the present and influenced by the past.

In this section of the website we will be looking at technologies, inventions, and discoveries not covered elsewhere on this site, but that have a great potential to have a lasting impact on the future human and how we play, work and live today.

Disruptive Technologies

Our first series is on Disruptive Technologies. This is not synonymous with “bad” or “destructive” technologies, rather “significant change-producing”.  The wheel was such an invention. The press. The automobile. The internet.

There is little dispute that the technologies we’re covering in this section will have a major impact at the macro-level on economies and on a micro-level our individual daily activities as determined by a wide range of sources.  Although not the emphasis of these articles, where mentioned, the financial economic impacts we’ve relayed relied heavily on the analysis of the McKinsey Global Institute. They are provided to give scale and aggregate impact more meaningful the “really, really big!”.

We hope you enjoy the series and that it intrigues you enough to do some research on your own. Trends and opportunities, particularly when guided by foresight and molded for good can result in some amazing investment prospects: if not for your retirement portfolio, certainly for preparing for an interesting and positive future.

Non-Fiction Technology Book Reviews

We also have our first book review of the section, a review of Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukie’s book, Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think

Technology today impacting the way we play, work, and live.

Today’s Technology. Tomorrow’s Possibilities. The Future of Human Evolution.