Human Nature

By: The FHE Team

A site dedicated to the future of human evolution ought to spend a considerable amount of time analyzing what it means to be human in the first place.  Our bodies, including the opposable thumbs we’ve been misinformed about, aren’t that unique in either form or function from other species. We’re made up of cells and DNA just like most every other living thing. So what makes us uniquely human? Is that a trick question- are we in fact “unique” and if so, how?  Are we the pinnacle of creation or do we possess fatal flaws?

In this section we’re going to examine behavior and thought processes born of the human brain.  Not biology – that’s covered in our Human Biotechnology section -  but how biology manifests itself in the way we, Homo sapiens, think and act.  We’re going to take a look at how evolutionary forces and the trials and tribulations of survival over the 65,000,000 years since primates showed up (100,000 for we Homo sapiens) color our perception of today’s reality. We’re going to take a look at “classical” psychology developed in the last 150 years or so, and the topic of man in his natural social environment with the behaviors we exhibit as part of a group, studied in context. Lastly, and closely akin to sociology is politics: what are the ways we have devised to control one another en masse in the past? With new non-biological sentients, horizontal, real-time, and ubiquitous information flow, and super-charged/DNA-enhanced segments of the population in our near future, how do we maintain a free society?

The ultimate purpose of this exploration of the human mind and interaction is to lay a foundation for speculating what impact the sciences and technologies of today and those we can possibly anticipate in the future may have on our very human nature.

Inside Human Nature and the Future of Human Evolution

Evolutionary Psychology

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Cognitive Psychology

The subroutines of the brain.

Learning Theories

How we learn is important not only for preparing us for the coming age of Big Data, but for helping us understand how to raise our fledgling AI’s.

Social Psychology

Getting along with the tribe. The things we do for (and against) other people.


Future Politics

What are the ways man has devised to control one another? Are “modern” governments up to the challenge the rest of this century will bring to bear on their populace?

The Brain, Human Nature, and the Future of Human Evolution

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