Human Evolution & Origins

By: The FHE Team

You may have seen the following sentiment on other pages of this “Evolution & Origins” section in addition to other places:

It does not matter whether you believe we descended from monkeys and share a common genetic heritage with the first living cell on the planet, or whether that we are a unique Being breathed into life by an almighty god, or even if you subscribe to the theory that the Anunnaki created the Sumerians by mixing their own DNA with that of the most advanced Hominid they could find 6,000 years ago, the open book of the future lies ahead for us to write with our deliberate and thoughtful actions:  The Future of Human Evolution is ours to determine.

Therefore this section attempts to cover the major explanations of existence, evolution being explored further as the leading scientific theory. It makes no attempt to make converts from one’s belief system into another. It is, and we hope you will agree, really interesting to explore these various ideas.

Inside Human Evolution & Origins

What is Evolution?

In our opening article to the section, we bring you a discussion of what evolution is and how evolution works so that you can understand the principles and mechanisms behind it so you can journey with us as we extrapolate these concepts, along with an estimation of mankind’s proclivities, to where the future of human evolution may be headed.

Meet Your 10 Closest Evolutionary Relatives

Human evolution timeline, illustrations, and a few brief facts of Homo sapiens’ nearest hominid relatives. The most enlightening fact is how very brief our reign on earth has been.

Cretenists vs Evilutionists

Understanding the role and concepts of Micro-Evolution and Macro-Evolution against the backdrop of the creationist controversy and in relation to the mission of the site might be of interest to some visitors.

The Panspermia Theory

This theory suggests life originated extraterrestrially and may travel from place to place on cosmic dust. Recent developments have seen a supernatural rider attached to central theme.


Intelligent Design

Where did all the moderates go? This once compromise theory between religious fundamentalists and extreme scientific atheism has taken some hits. Is it down and out?

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