Future Visions

By: The FHE Team


Each of the links below will take you to an imaginative essay about what the future of human evolution may look like. Part science and extrapolation, part speculation, and part fascination, we hope you’ll enjoy these forays into the future.

Visions of the Future

The Future of Human Evolution

An essay by the Editor describing one vision that served as the impetus for the website and propelled the exploration of the sciences and technologies it weaves together into a long-term unfolding of human – and post human events. Originally published in 2003 it was modified slightly in 2013 to update parental influence in germline genetic engineering.

Future Branches on the Human Tree

Ian Pearson steps us through his imagined path of future human evolution complete with new species’ names: Robotus primus, Homo cyberneticus, Homo hybridus, and Homo machinus. Don’t forget good ‘ol Homo ludditus. Us.

Peter Ward’s “Future Evolution”

Alan Boyle’s updated coverage of Peter Ward’s classic book “Future Evolution”. This article is complete with the long-lost flash file not only detailing our ancestors, but the imagined Unihumans, Unihumans, Numans, Cyborgs, and ultimately the Astrans that reach beyond the stars.

The Future of Homo Sapiens

Professor Jacob Palme opens his article with several questions: Will the human species, Homo Sapiens, continue to evolve in the next millions of years? If so, how? What can we learn from what we know about Homo Sapiens development until now? Rather than make specific phenotype predictions he focuses on the general forces that have shaped our past and those that will likely shape our future.

The Distant Future of Human Evolution

Concluding the opening essay in this section, the Editor extrapolates humankind beyond the next millenia and examines a few of the underlying assumptions made in the original essay.