Commentary: Stephen Hawking on Interstellar Space Colonization

AKA The Human Future or SciFi Fantasy?
AKA Charlie Stross Eats Own Foot

Original Article by a Staff Writer for the Daily Galaxy – Commentary by FHE

Steven Hawking, believing as do we here at FHE, that the earth has a good likelihood of soon (within 1,000 years) being wiped out by global warming, a genetically engineered virus, nuclear war, a rogue comet or Black Hole or the like, has warned and advised that heading to colonize interstellar space ASAP represents the human race’s best hope for survival – e.g. the future of human evolution continued.

NASA historian Steven Dick and Robotics pundit Hans Moravec also subscribe to our primary human survival risk mitigation strategy of getting the hell off the planet – albeit with a homogenous twist that we present as only one of several options. They believe that human evolution will lead solely to future humans to becoming greatly evolved machines that can self-replicate and spread earth life.

Terrific. We’re all agreed. Woo Hoo.

Oh wait, here comes a Scottish, old-enough-to-know-better, science-fiction author named Charlie Stross who has apparently written multiple, off-world, and even alien pieces, showing his what? Senility? Incredible lack of vision? Unimaginative disposition?. He actually wrote (in real words) on his (yes public) blog that he thinks it’s impossible we will colonize space except by use of ‘….a magic wand’. He calls the risk mitigation driver “sentimentality” and our concern for the well-being of our descendants irrelevant (as we will be dead and human extinction should not matter to us).


The best part of the article, and if there is a god may he forgive me for releasing this sentiment out into the universe lest it encourage others to continue the practice, is in the comments to his blog. Good fun and a great lashing for advertising his complete idiocy.

Some comments castigated him for not taking into account the abilities of future civilization types and basing his arguments on today’s technology- worse, given that he is (supposed to be) a transhumanist and a fiction writer of some repute they argue that he would do well to consider the likelihood of a post-singularity civilization and its achievements and not to consider biological humans as having the only part to play in space but that it may be the work of robots and cyborgs.

Besides the fact that I am terribly fascinated by the dichotomy of how a man can earn a living writing off-world science
fiction and not believe we can make it off-world, I absolutely loved this following chastisement the BEST:

“He [Stross] should be taking into account the possibility of post-Singularity, Drexlerian, Kardashev Type II civilizations. Essentially, we’re talking about post-scarcity civilizations with access to molecular assembling nanotechnology, radically advanced materials, artificial super intelligence, and access to most of the energy available in the solar system.”

Say Whaaaat?  How and When did I miss the invitation to the convention during which we all got together to scientifically classify and create famous-name/techno-buzzword combination nomenclature for imaginary future civilizations. I want on that mailing list. I hope next year’s is in Las Vegas!

Final Words: Dear Chuck, you are hereby officially notified that your editor must read everything you post from now on. You’re ruining Imagination’s reputation.

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