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By: The FHE Team
Bradley LaChance

In loving memory of Bradley K. LaChance

We are proud to announce the Bradley K. LaChance Scholarship in honor of his passion for science and technology. This year, we have chosen to make contributions to the Space Camp General Scholarship Fund. The mission of the fund is to support the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, an organization that provides authentic, inspiring and entertaining educational experiences in space, aviation, science and mathematics. Contributions to the fund are used to sponsor a student’s weeklong stay at the Rocket Center’s annual Space Camp program, which seeks to train and inspire the next generation of astronauts, pilots, explorers, engineers, scientists and leaders. Scholarship recipients are solicited through an application process, and the awardees are selected by the U.S. Space & Rocket Center Scholarship Committee.



People excited about the Future

The Future Human Evolution website is a place on the web for exploration, learning, and speculation for people who enjoy thinking about the future and want to know more about its possibilities.

You’ll find tutorials on complex, evolution-impacting sciences such as genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and space colonization. There is both awe inspiring and fun art, and fascinating articles that speculate what life – and humans – will be like in the future.

Regardless of whether you’re a creationist, evolutionist, or somewhere in-between or beyond, there is little doubt that major changes, occurring now are about to alter our future forever. Our technology is evolving, our social systems are evolving, and there is little doubt that our bodies will soon follow suit. We invite you to explore these pages.  The future is a blank page waiting for each of us to fill it with our daily actions. What will yours be?  Join us for an interesting journey, into the future of human evolution.

Inside the Future of Human Evolution Website

Future Visions

Ideas ,visions, and speculation about the future of human evolution, futuring methods, future human article reviews, and links to future resources, now.

Genetic Engineering

Articles about genetic engineering, disease elimination, human cloning, engineering ethics, and human improvement.

Space Colonization

The riches of space are compelling. The frailty of our planet frightening. Our need to explore innate. And our drive to survive as a species and propagate has world population at 7 Billion+.  Explore with us the possibilities and plans humans have made to leave cradle earth and expand among the stars.

Today’s Technology

The future is built on what happens today. In this section we look at the technologies of today that are likely to have a profound impact on our collective tomorrow. An 8 article series on Disruptive technology and a review of Big Data get us started.

Artificial Intelligence

Articles about artificial intelligence, the singularity, consciousness, and the outlook of how AI may accompany the future of human evolution. Includes an excellent series explaining today’s artificial intelligence capabilities and challenges.

Human Nature

Understanding human nature. Over 50 original tutorial articles on evolutionary psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology,  human learning, and a dabbling of political philosophy to round it all out.

Evolution and Origins

Where did we come from? Human evolution and origins, the fossil record, human ancestors, evolutionary processes, panspermia, religion, and other theories.

Risks to Humanity

Possible future risks, natural and human triggered disasters, willful self destruction and the greater forces against us.


Intro to nanotechnology, its history and possible uses. Application of nanomedicine and nanoscales in the science field. Separate fact from fantasy: in this section we feature an original 10 article intro series about nanotech in the here and now.

The Universe

Particle physics, cosmology, astrobiology, aliens, an intense series on visualizing the universe- all the ways we “see” the physical world. An exploration of time and all the ways we humans experience it.

Transhuman – Post Human

Throw in Human+ (plus) and we have a Trifecta. Are you a transhumanist? In this section we tackle the central idea vs. the terminology vs. the philosophy vs. the doctrine.  Allow us to simplify, then present some interesting ideas that have come from the movement.

Art Galleries

Over 1,000 images covering everything from imaginative futurescapes and telescope-captured space images to future humans and their brains. Alternate universes and nanotechnology included.

We feature inspirational art and images from a variety of individuals and organizations both as a service to our viewers and as recognition of the talented artists and technicians responsible for the work. Please visit the websites represented to show your appreciation. The Future Human Evolution website does not benefit financially from these images in any way. Please email us if you would like your artwork featured.

Help shape a positive future, for the future will positively shape you.